Moving in Delray Beach: Getting the Lowest Phone or Online Estimate

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, you can have a smooth, enjoyable move. That is, if you do it properly. Here we will talk about two of the most common mistakes in hiring a mover.

Not getting an on-site estimate

You should get an on-site estimate. When you are looking for Delray Beach movers, make sure they give you on-site estimates. Doing so will give you an accurate idea of the overall moving costs. For that, however, what you need is not only several estimates. What you need are several accurate estimates. The estimate movers give you by phone or online will never be precise. This is because the movers won’t have enough information to calculate the cost of moving all your belongings.

So, if you want to get accurate estimates, you will need on-site binding estimates. When a moving company representative visits your home for an on-site estimate, you will not only get an accurate idea of the moving costs but also the movers’ attitude as well.

Sure, you can submit an online inventory list but you will never be able to specify a number of special requirements or significant details, the possible obstacles or any other important information. You won’t be able to negotiate special terms or ask your potential movers questions that bother you.

In short, get several on-site estimates and you will have an idea of the final moving costs.

Going for the lowest estimate

Try to resist the temptation to hire the moving company that offers you the lowest prices. Do keep in mind that the cheapest option can turn out to be the most expensive one in the end. If you get an estimate that is more than 25% cheaper than the rest, be cautious. Chances are, you are dealing with rogue movers. Rogue movers are movers who lure in customers with low cost, special deals and/or other enticements.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by sweet promises. It will cost you either

Money and your precious belongings. That is, the mover will just disappear.

A lot of money for alleged additional services.

The seemingly low price is nothing more than a snare that you need to avoid. Outsmart scam artists, look upon the drastically low estimates as red flags for poor quality or scam. Remember, if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

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