Moving to and Living in South Florida

Living in South Florida is something most people dream about, the warm weather, constant sunshine, and amazing beaches are just the beginning of what is great about this part of the country.  And now you are lucky enough to be moving here!

All that stands between you and your toes in the warm sand is the move. Most of us aren’t excited about packing up all of our belongings, hoping they arrive safely, and then unpacking everything once we are in our new home. It can feel overwhelming when you are leaving what you know, putting your life in boxes and going to a town where you may not know anyone.

A Terrific Place to Work, Live and Play

South FloridaRegardless of the reason, you are coming to South Florida, take comfort in the fact that you have made the right decision. Often South Florida is reduced to just beaches and nightlife, and we do have plenty of that, but there is also a charm this area that cannot be denied.

From exploring the terrific shopping and beaches to visiting one of our world-renowned museums, you will find that South Florida has its own unique personality. The area has a rich multicultural history, in one day you can visit an ancient Spanish Monastery in North Miami Beach and end the day with traditional Polynesian dinner and show in Fort Lauderdale.

You will find that once you move to Florida, you will never want to leave.  A part of everyday feels like a vacation, and with no winter or snow, you will find yourself a Floridian in no time.

Finding the Best Moving Company for Your Move

Now that you know what a great place South Florida is, you need to start thinking about your move. Finding the right moving company is probably the single most important component of a successful move. When choosing a moving company there are three main elements you want to consider: Discount South Florida Movers meets all the criteria below and more.

Experience and Expertise

It is critical to always review the history and expertise of a moving company before making a decision. Look for a company that has the equipment, expertise, and professionalism to ensure that your move is successful. You are trusting that all of your belongings will arrive safely, so taking the time to do the necessary research will be well worth it when everything arrives safe and sound.

It is also helpful to find a mover that knows the area you are moving to, you will know the area you are leaving well, but a company that doesn’t know the area on your moving to could result in a late arrival. Finding a professional, experienced South Florida moving company will ensure that your valuables arrive safely and on time.

Know the Cost

When you have chosen your moving company, make sure that you are aware of the total cost of the move. Get your estimate in writing and ask about what additional costs of fees are possible. Knowing all of the costs upfront and having them in writing will confirm that you aren’t paying more than you need to.

A professional, experienced mover will always provide you with the fees upfront, and it is worth the cost when you see all of your belongings arriving on time and safe and sound. If a moving company won’t provide you with a written estimate, or they won’t disclose what other fees they may assess, you should look for another company.

You don’t want to put your move in the hands of a company that may end up charging more than you agreed to. There is a fine line between trying to save money and finding a company that is honest and will get the job done right.

Look for Additional Services

If you have items that are difficult to move or valuable, you want to make sure that the company you choose has the skill and equipment required to ensure that the elements that are precious to you arrive safely.  There are a lot of moving companies in South Florida that may lack the experience and skill to know how to handle moving delicate pieces of furniture or protect family heirlooms.

Moving to South Florida will be an exciting time for you, so taking the time to find an experienced, honest and trustworthy moving company is well worth the investment. The right South Florida moving company will make sure that the new life you are about to begin will get off to a fantastic start.


Moving to South Miami Florida

South Miami is the Hottest Place to Live or Move to

  • Central business district served by Miami Metrorail
  • Member of Sister Cities International
  • Consists of only land with total area of 2.3 square miles
  • Has many great many parks
  • Abundant of culinary spots

South Miami is a friendly community suburb in Miami-Dade County, Florida. According to the U.S. Census Bureau the population was 11,932 in 2011, growing from 10,741 as of 2000. By 2015, the population was estimated 12,242 people.

Central business district of South Miami is directly served by the Miami Metrorail at the South Miami station. The Metrorail connects South Miami to downtown Kendall, downtown Miami, as well as Miami Central Station at Miami International Airport.

In an effort to form city partnerships to help foster cultural and economic development between cities around the world, South Miami joined other municipalities in the country in 2000. The city also became a member of Sister Cities International, forming relationships with the cities of Grand Turk in Turks as well as Caicos Islands and Basseterre in Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Differs from its neighbors, South Miami’s area consist of only land with total area of 2.3 square miles (6.0 km2). By 2010, the city had 5,174 households out of which 9.2% were vacant. The city is served by Metrobus and the Miami Metrorail. With its numerous parks, South Miami is recognized more than its leafy residential neighborhoods as it has a lively downtown filled full of historic buildings, restaurants and unique shops. Remember, if you want to move or live here, it’s imperative to find South Miami movers.

Great many parks it has include Palmer Park which equipped with playing fields for baseball, T-ball, softball, football, as well as soccer. Meanwhile, the Fuchs Park is a natural area in which people can feed ducks in a pond. Besides, it has Marshall Williamson Park, the Jean H. Willis Flowering Tree Park, Brewer Park, Murray Park and others.

South Miami features vary of retail stores and restaurants. The branch of the Miami-Dade Public Library System in the city is open 5 days a week, offering a large children’s room, extensive collection of DVDs and large-print books.

One of its attracting spots is about culinary as it has a diverse offering in its restaurants such as a great many Japanese restaurants with sushi bars named the Kyojin Japanese Buffet. The Kyojin is located just a few doors away from Sunrise City Liquors. It’s also easy to find Italian restaurants like the Carrabas Italian Grill and Trattoria Sole. Meanwhile, the Deli Lane Cafe & Tavern offers variety of American food.

Moving Services in Miami-Dade County

Moving to Pinecrest Florida

Ever Consider Moving to Pinecrest Florida? Here is Some Information

  • Has a total area of 7.6 square miles
  • By 2014, the population grew to 19,251
  • Has an estimated median house or condo value of US$668,195 in 2013
  • Manages five public parks
  • Served by Metrobus and Miami Metrorail


The Village of Pinecrest was officially incorporated on March 12, 1996. Pinecrest is a suburban village in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States of America. It has a total area of 7.6 square miles (20 km2), composing of 7.5 square miles (19 km2) of land and 0.13% of waters.

In August 1992, Pinecrest and area of South Miami-Dade were rigorously devastated by Hurricane Andrew. Many homes and businesses were destroyed and it took several years to slowly rebuild the area.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Pinecrest was inhabited by 18,223 in 2010. By 2014, the population grew to 19,251, meaning that it only added 1.0% since 2000. Males accounted 9,435  or 49.0% while females 9,816 or      51.0%.

One hundred percent of them live in urban area, consisting of males (9,435 or 49.0%) and females (9,816 or 51.0%). Estimated median household income in 2013 was US$109,556, growing from US$107,507 in 2000. Meanwhile, estimated per capita income in 2013 was US$56,656 compared to US$51,181 in 2000. During 2000, about 2.4% of families and 4.2% of the population were under the poverty line. If you ever want to move here, make sure you locate solid and reliable Pinecrest movers.

In 2000, English speakers as first language accounted for 58.09%, followed by Spanish of 35.08%. French and Portuguese speakers were at 1.91%, while Chinese speakers of 1.67%, Arabic at 0.89%, and German of 0.46%.

On property sector, the city has an estimated median house or condo value of US$668,195 as of 2013, skyrocketing from US$384,000 in 2000.

Since 1996 Pinecrest has been developing some projects, including addition of several new parks, development of Wi-Fi technology as well as beautification projects composing of thousands of trees planting, unique street signs posting throughout the Village, and roads repaving. Pinecrest was dubbed a Tree City USA community by the Arbor Day Foundation following its program of planting over 10,000 street trees since 1997.

Adding to people comfort is five public parks managed by the Parks and Recreation Department, namely 9-acre Coral Pine Park, 3-acre Flagler Grove Park, 10-acre Evelyn Greer Park, 10-acre Suniland Park and 4.5-acre Veterans Wayside Park.

All of them are equipped with recreation centers, sport courts, playgrounds as well as parking lots and restrooms.

The city is served by Metrobus throughout the area and by Miami Metrorail.

Moving Services in Miami-Dade County

Moving to Palmetto Bay Florida

About Moving to and Living in Palmetto Bay

  • Offers fast access to unique recreational opportunities and amazingly bay panoramas
  • Builds community character by creating a diverse community identity
  • Expands communication channels with residents via social media

Palmetto Bay or the Village of Palmetto Bay, a Miami suburban incorporated village in Miami-Dade County, Florida, is an energetic community with more than 24,000 residents who share enjoyment of beautiful surroundings and a family-oriented ambiance. Located on the shores of Biscayne Bay, the suburban city provides fast access to unique recreational opportunities and amazingly bay panoramas. The populations live in 8.8 square miles (22.6 km2) of land in front of waters of 0.04 square miles (0.1 km2).

Incorporated on September 10, 2002 by taking the territory formerly held by the Cutler and East Perrine census-designated places, Palmetto Bay is the 33rd municipality in the county and claimed to become a leader in many aspects of community building.  The city managed to build community character by creating a diverse community identity through designing and installing its own unique street signs. It also completed many traffic & beautification projects, improving customer service, and building a solid policing unit, among others. It’s important to research good Palmetto Bay movers to get you there efficiently.

Based on a national census in 2010, the city had 8,372 households, out of which 5.4% were vacant. During 2009 and 2013, the average median income for a household was US$105,122 while per capita income was US$39,271.

Taking advantage of social media, Palmetto Bay is expanding its communication channels with residents. It also improved park facilities and recreational opportunities with programs to extend them.

Now recognized as ‘Village of Parks’, Palmetto Bay led the way in green schemes by constructing the first countywide LEED-certified park building at Coral Reef Park and Platinum LEED-certified Village Hall which is the very first statewide. Residents also enjoy the benefits of an extensive park system consisting of five parks and two county facilities.

Palmetto Bay’s parks provide recreational chances, programs and activities, as well as a neighborhood library.  It has a commercial corridor spreading along South Dixie Highway that is easily and quickly accessible from any location within the city. Its commercial base ranges from restaurants, lodging, retail services, and shopping venues – belonging to major chains as well as family-owned businesses.

On the side of education, Palmetto Bay offers excellent public schools that having annually grade “A” based on the State of Florida’s A+ Plan. Besides, it has a wide range of excellent private primary and secondary educational institutions.

Moving Services in Miami-Dade County

Moving to North Miami Florida

North Miami is the place you want to move to

  • Has a tropical monsoon climate
  • Providing a free community bus service
  • Committed to preserve wetlands

North Miami or NoMi is a suburban city situated in northeast Miami-Dade County, Florida, and about 10 miles (16 km) north of Miami. Settled in 1890, the city lies on Biscayne Bay and the home of the Biscayne Bay Campus of Florida International University, as well as the North Miami campus of Johnson & Wales University.

‘The City of Progress’ has populations of 58,786 based on the U.S. Census Bureau in 2010, making it the sixth largest city in Miami-Dade County. North Miami is well-known for its huge Haitian-American population. They occupy the 10.0 square miles (25.9 km2)-city which consists of land (8.5 square miles or 21.9 km2) and waters (1.5 square miles or 4.0 km2).

With elevation of 7 feet (3.96 m), the city is home to the Oleta River State Park, the state’s largest urban park. North Miami has a tropical monsoon climate.

In an effort to boost the number of local destinations reachable through public transit, the city implemented the NoMi Express, a free community bus service, in December 2004. The city is also served by the county-wide Metrobus system.

One area in North Miami, Biscayne Landing, has been developed into 120,000 square feet (11,000 m2) of commercial office and retail space, 2,800 – 5,000 residential units, as well as a park and recreation facilities. The developer also committed to renovate the city’s library and building a school, Olympic training facility, and affordable housing on several sites located in the city. The project is expected to be completed by 2021. You need to find reliable North Miami Movers if you want to live here.

The city government will preserve wetlands of Biscayne Bay, a part of the Biscayne Landing in the form of a 140,000 m2 environmental park. It will be contained nature hikes, jogging tracks, information plaques describing the resident wildlife and trees, benches, a canoe landing and a boat house.

Another recreational spot is the Oleta River State Park, a former trash dump and the home to a large sewage treatment plant in surrounding area. The site is the largest urban park in the Florida State Park system. The city also has the Arch Creek Park that offers opportunities for botanical, historical and archaeological study.

In an effort to fulfill public thirst of knowledge, the city opened the North Miami public library in 1932. Even though the Miami-Dade Public Library System has acquired libraries of most of cities in the county for years, the North Miami public library remains independent.

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Moving to North Miami Beach

North Miami Beach: A Great Place to Move to

  • Dubbed the Crossroads of South Florida
  • Comfortable to live in
  • Many efforts to promote neighborhood stability

North Miami Beach of Miami-Dade County, Florida, dubs the Crossroads of South Florida as it is located between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale and near the Golden Glades Interchange, the meeting point of I-95, Florida’s Turnpike, and the Palmetto Expressway.

With its strategic location and easy access, North Miami Beach becomes one of South Florida’s well known regional shopping areas and one of its most popular sites for office. North Miami Beach could be reached from virtually all of South Florida in less than half of an hour. Make sure you use reliable North Miami Beach movers for all your moving needs.

Aside of its convenience for business, the city is also comfortable to live in as future homeowners can discover homes suit their pockets to stylish seafront properties. They can also find condominiums and rental apartments in an attractive location.  Due to its waterfront location, they can enjoy beaches and bays all the time as well as parks and recreational, cultural, and dining places.

The city’s total area is 5.3 square miles (13.7 km2), consisting of land 5.0 square miles (12.8 km2) and waters of 0.3 square mile (0.9 km2) or 6.43% with elevation of only 10 ft (3 m). According to 2010 census, the city was inhabited by 41,523 people, consisting among others of a large middle class of Haitian-American and Jewish-American community who were born in the U.S. or abroad.

Previously, the city was named Fulford in 1926 after Captain William H. Fulford of the United States Coast Guard but in 1931 it was renamed North Miami Beach.

Appeals in the surrounding area of North Miami Beach include a line of popular ocean beaches, Haulover Park and Haulover Beach. The city also has an authentic Medieval Spanish monastery named the St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church. The interesting thing is that the stone building around a patio was built in Sacramenia of Spain in 12th century. It was bought by William Randolph Hearst in the 1920s, taken in pieces and brought to the US. Following the death of Hearst’s in North Miami Beach by 1950s, it was reassembled and now becomes one of tourism attractions and a popular wedding spot.

Many efforts have been taken to promote neighborhood stability throughout the city. In 1993, the city constructed a modern police station and redeveloped infrastructure in the Government Center neighborhood. Meanwhile a program called ‘Proud Neighborhoods’ occurred in September 2000 with 67 different projects. This 5 year-program enabled the upgrading of streets, sidewalks, lighting and landscaping in every area of the city.

Moving Services in Miami-Dade County

Moving to North Bay Village Florida

North Bay Village: Moving to or from here

  • Waters is majority of the city’s area
  • Uniquely consisting of three islands
  • Good mixture of economic and ethnic groups

Used to be underwater, North Bay Village in Miami-Dade County, Florida has grown into a luxurious neighborhood of attractive single-family residences. North Bay Village is very unique as it consists of three islands situated between the cities of Miami and Miami Beach. Having width of 0.837 square miles (2.17 km2), consisting of land (0.3322 square miles/0.860 km2) and waters (0.5048 square miles/1.307 km2), the majority of the city’s area (60.31%) is waters. The John F. Kennedy (79th Street) Causeway, extending across Biscayne Bay from Miami to Miami Beach, connects three islands forming North Bay Village, namely North Bay Island, Harbor Island and Treasure Island.

It’s important to find the right North Bay Village movers to do the right moving job.

Beautiful views of Biscayne Bay and various restaurants and shops are some of North Bay Village’s appeals aside of its strategic location between Downtown Miami and Miami Beach.

North Bay Village was integrated in 1945 and during its early years, the city was a haven for winter residents. The city’s popularity with its popular restaurants and nightclubs attracted celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland, while Dean Martin had his night-club, Dino’s, in the late 1960s to early 1970s.

Meanwhile, the two islands – Harbor Island and Treasure Island – are not naturally formed as dredging and filling in the mid-1940s created them. As Harbor Island composed primarily of multi-family buildings, Treasure Island is a mixture of single-family residences on the west and multi-family dwellings on the east. The name of Treasure Island itself was inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel titled Treasure Island. Its streets also took names in the novel like Cutlass, Buccaneer, Hispanola, and Pirate’s Alley.

North Bay Village remains the home of South Florida’s most popular restaurants, various business enterprises, apartment buildings, condominiums as well as single-family homes. And due to land limitation, since 2000 North Bay Village has been developing high-rise luxury condominium buildings.

As of the 2000 census, the city was inhabited by 6,733 people and grew to 7,137 in 2010 as recorded by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Some people say that North Bay Village is a better choice compared to of its surrounding areas as the city is a good mixture of economic and ethnic groups. North Bay Village has an ambiance of very small town where people recognize each other and there is a strong level of community involvement.

One of added values of the city is its proximity to the beach of about 5 minutes driving or 15 minutes on the bike. Besides, it takes only 20 – 30 minutes to the downtown; the airport; South Beach; and the shopping, movies, etc along Biscayne. Besides, property taxes are lower than Miami or Miami Beach.

With the uniqueness and awesomeness, the city is one of best place to live in.

Moving Services in Miami-Dade County

Moving to Miami Springs Florida

Use Miami Springs Movers for all your Moving Needs

  • Highly diversified city
  • Family-friendly community
  • Named the Preserve America City

Need a place to live for families of all sizes and diversities? Well, Miami Springs is your excellent option. Located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, the city is inhabited by 54% White, 2% Black, 1% Asian, 0% Native American or Native Hawaiian, 1% identified as another race or ethnicity or two or more races and 42% of residents are Hispanic or Latino origin.

Located near Miami International Airport and Seaport with a convenient access to foremost highways, shopping and attractions, the median income of the city is US$52,021 with the median home value is US$288,700.

This suburban city was founded by aviation pioneer Glenn Hammond Curtiss and James Bright in 1926. The city was originally named Country Club Estates. In 1926, the city was renamed after a spring located in the area providing fresh water for parts of Miami until mid-1990s.

Miami Springs developed along with aviation industry and transformed to be the favorite community for people worked for airlines and related businesses. When moving here you want to use discount Miami Springs movers.

From the beginning, the 2.9-square-mile, triangular-shaped city is wisely regulated development, prioritizing plentiful green spaces for comfort of all who live, work and play. Known as family-friendly community, Miami Springs offers many choices of public and private schools, parks as well as recreational facilities.

This city is encircled by the Miami International Airport, the City of Hialeah and the Village of Virginia Gardens as well as the Town of Medley. Even though it is engulfed by the growth of Miami-Dade County, commuters perform most professional and personal activities in another location and maintain it solely as a place to sleep, or commonly known as “bedroom community”. The city preserves small-town flavor with its great location. It’s also maintains it family-oriented civic amenities with its parks, racquetball and tennis courts, golf course, municipal pool as well as new community center and theater.

House of 14,000 people, Miami Springs is mostly single-family residence with limited apartments, including a historic downtown area of professional offices, restaurants and small retail stores.

Bound together by intimate social and cultural ties for generations, people grew up and/or were studied in Miami Springs. They feel at home in the area for its child-friendly atmosphere and recreational facilities. One of the ultimate conveniences is that public safety has always been the top priority, resulting in minimal crime statistics.

Since 1993 the city has been certified as a Tree City USA and was named the Preserve America City for its commitments in caring its exceptional environment, history and quality of life. So, ready to move to the Springs?

Moving Services in Miami-Dade County

Movers in South Beach Florida

How to Make Your South Beach Move Efficient, Smooth and Organized

Moving to a new place can be overwhelming for some. For some others, it can be really exciting. Moving can be a tedious task altogether. Especially, if you lack the ability to organize things the right way. Packing up your stuff can be the most exhausting process and yet, it is inevitable in a move. To make the move an efficient, smooth and organized process, here are our tips that may help you.

Pack early

As soon as you get the move out day, it is always a good idea to start the packing process and not leave it for the final day. The arrangement for cartons and boxes should be made timely to avoid any last minute panic or chaos. The earlier you pack, the more organized your move will be.

Seek help

You can opt for a professional moving service which can carry out the entire move with utmost care and experience. This team of movers has all the necessary resources for packing, moving and unpacking at the destination. And yes, they take all burdens away from the client’s shoulders.

You can also seek help from your family and friends. However, your stuff may not be handled as good as how professionals do. Moreover, why not save your family and friends for the celebration later?

Label the boxes

While you pack your stuff into boxes, don’t forget to label them. It will help the movers to know what is in the box, thus ensuring them to move it properly. It will help you as well when it is time to unpack.

Plan utilities

Yes, plan utilities. Prior to moving in your new home, it is always a good idea to plan utilities such as water, electricity, phone, cable, internet, garbage, sewage and others. This will allow you to begin a new life comfortably.

Check and check

When you are checking out of your old home, you’d want to conduct a thorough search. Especially, for anything that you might have forgotten. This includes checking all drawers, cupboards, etc. Make sure everything is empty.

Carry some snacks and beverages

It is always a good idea to carry some snacks and beverages. Doing so will make it easier for you to avoid being overwhelmed by the situation.

Of course, you don’t have to do it alone by yourself. We at South Beach movers will gladly help you ensure an efficient, smooth and organized process.

Moving Services in Miami-Dade County

Movers in Brickell Florida

Timetable for moving in Brickell Florida

When we talk about moving, it is important to plan. We can’t overemphasize that. For the first timer, it can be confusing where the process should start. Don’t worry. Here we have a timetable you can use to help you. We based it on the periods before the move.

Four weeks before

  • Take a tour to your home and decide which items you should discard and which one you should donate to charity. You can also consider a moving sale.
  • Call dentists and physicians. They may recommend a colleague of theirs near your new home. Also, get copies of renewable prescriptions.
  • Transfer personal insurance records.
  • Arrange transfer of school records.

Three weeks before

  • Plan to use up most food items before you move.
  • Movers can’t take flammables, aerosols, corrosives, propane tanks or ammunition. It is best to use them up or just give them away. Drain your fuel tank on gas-powered equipment like trimmers, chain saws, and lawn mowers.
  • Notify the Post Office. Get change-of-address forms. You have to fill out a form for each person receiving mail at your address.

Two weeks before

  • Make your travel reservations.
  • Decide which items you will pack.
  • Transfer or close charge accounts.
  • Return library books as well as other things you have borrowed
  • Collect items you have loaned and items in layaway or cold storage. Pick up dry cleaning
  • Arrange for utilities, cable or satellite TV disconnection

One week before

  • Transfer bank accounts. Ask your local credit bureau to transfer your records to your new city.
  • Arrange to have cash ready.
  • Set aside your flashlight, maps, snacks, games or other items you will take in your car.
  • Gather medicines and important papers.
  • Drain water from all garden hoses
  • Start packing suitcases.

The day before

  • Pack the items you will need right away in a special box to be loaded last and unloaded first. You’d want to include items such as phone, cleaning supplies, medical supplies, toiletries, paper and pen and so on.
  • Finish packing your suitcases.
  • Defrost, clean and dry your refrigerator.

The moving day

  • Make a final check of every room and storage area. Make sure that all of your doors and windows are locked, the lights are out and the keys transferred.

In need of professional movers to make your move smooth? Just call us Brickell movers. We will gladly help you make your move a smooth process.

Moving Services in Miami-Dade County

Movers in Miami Shores Florida

How to hire a professional Miami Shores moving company for a business relocation

It doesn’t matter whether you run small or huge company, office relocation can be burdensome. The most fundamental thing is to make sure the clients know the new address. Furthermore, handling a fixed another issue that already stable is quite challenging too.

Moving office furniture stacks the burden and stress in your head. You already busy with the other issues and now you have to deal with the moving process too. Hiring local Miami Shores Florida movers could fix this problem. Miami Shores movers are the professional who can handle the packing, loading, hauling, and unloading process.

Choose the right one

Before deciding to hire a professional mover, you may take your time to do a little research on the internet. Visit Better Business Bureau website to know the ranking of the company. Higher ranking means better services. The highest rank possible is A+. With that mark, it’s certain that the moving company have outstanding services. Moreover, you can also read the reviews from the previous consumers. Go with the one with the most positive feedback. Browsing the internet is the right place to start where you can view the services or packages that they offer. Take your time to find the best and the right one for you.

Just let them do their work

Lifting and carrying heavy office furniture can lead to an injury or accident if it not done properly. Let the professional handle it for you. They have experiences and deep knowledge dealing with those heavy items. Remember, to tell them ahead of time if some of your valuables need special treatments. Fragile items are more likely to break during the hauling process, so it’s better to add bubble wrap and a special box to keep them safe.

Getting ready for the day

Although the professional handle the moving process for you, still, there are some things you need to do. It’s a good idea to create an inventory list of what exactly needed to be moved. Be sure to cross-check the inventory with the movers’ supervisor before the items delivered to the new location. I’m quite sure you don’t want any single important item to left out do you?

Another thing is to make sure the employee clear their personal belongings from the desk. Tell your employees three days ahead so they can make preparation and pack their belongings. Professional movers don’t deal with packing some personal photos or collectibles.

Moving Services in Miami-Dade County