The Biggest Mistake in Hiring a Greenacres Florida Mover

A quick, stress-free and smooth move is what every moving person wants. Are you going to move soon? Are you looking for Greenacres movers? If you do, make sure that you avoid the biggest mistake in hiring a moving company.

What is the biggest mistake in hiring a mover?

With all things said and done, it call comes to hiring licensed, insured mover that you can trust. You have to make sure that the moving company you hire is properly certified and registered. All interstate movers are required to register for a DOT number. If a company has a DOT number, that means they are subject to things like safety regulations, vehicle inspection, and annual audits. You can visit Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website to check whether your mover has the number or not and do some research. If the available information of the company doesn’t match with the one that you already have, choose another mover. Learn to recognize the red flags of moving scam.

The red flags

Luckily, there are red flags that signal you must not hire a company. Typically, moving scam has

  • Low estimate
  • A large cash deposit
  • Generic greetings (e.g. “Movers” or “Moving company”) when you try to contact them over the phone
  • Lack of an official website or having a website but doesn’t include DOT number and no clear contact information

Do the moving companies have those characteristics? If the company you are checking has these characteristics, move on. Find another mover. There will always be a choice for you.

Research is important

Research your prospect movers is important for your successful relocation. If you already have verified your movers’ references and credentials, ask for recommendations and search for online reviews about the company’s services. If possible, find out how often problems have been reported and/or how many complaints and disputes have been resolved.

You should be able to pick a trustworthy, reliable, experienced and highly-qualified mover to handle your cherished belongings.

Moving mistakes can result in loss of time, money, ruined plans damaged items or even a nervous breakdown. However, the most common mistakes when hiring a mover can be easily avoided as long as you are alert and well-informed.

If our tips here have helped you avoid such financially and emotionally draining mistakes, you can share them so that other soon-to-be house movers can benefit from them too.

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