How to Make Unpacking Fun: Wellington Florida Movers

Are you going to move soon? If so, here we have tips that will make unpacking a fun process. Unpacking is usually a boring, exhausting thing to do. If you follow our tips here, that will no longer be the case. And if you need a hand in your moving process, just contact us, Wellington movers.

Without further ado, here is how you make unpacking fun.

The fun begins

Actually, the fun begins in the packing process. Before you even pack up your belongings, make sure you grab a bunch of markers of various colors. Then, designate a specific color for each room. For instance, your master bedroom is blue and the kitchen is green. Mark the boxes with the appropriate colors as you pack. When you get to your new residence, let your movers know about the color scheme so it will be easier for them to know where to put your belongings.

Number your boxes

In addition to marking the boxes with colors, you can also number your boxes as well. Number your boxes on a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 is the least important and 10 is the most. When you arrive at your new house, you will be able to prioritize and take your essential boxes first since they will have the highest numbers.

Involve the kids

Yes, get your kids involved in the moving process. If you have young kids, you can have them take the markers and draw pictures of the items inside, following the color scheme. While their artwork may not be of much help for the movers, it might help your kids to feel involved in doing something important. It might lighten the mood of an otherwise dreary task, too.

For the first few days

Along with your basic needs, pack a suitcase as if you were going on a weekend getaway. Pack enough items such as clothes and toiletries to get you through the first few days. Yes, until you get your closet and bathroom unpacked.

Some quick ideas:

  • Reward yourself with a snack and/or drink break every five boxes
  • Bring some speakers. Have your favorite music played while you work
  • Make sure to unpack a few stuff wrapped in bubble wrap. Popping bubble wrap is a stress-relieving, time-honored tradition that kids and adults can enjoy while taking a break from unpacking the boxes

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