Things You Need to Know When Moving to South Florida

South Florida is an excellent place to live, so as you prepare to move here, there are a few things you should know if you aren’t familiar with Floridian life.

Lightning is Serious

While you are moving to the sunshine state, you need to be prepared for the weather. While we are sunny a lot of the time, when we have storms they can be scary. And lightning here is nothing to take lightly, I mean we are the lightning capital of the US after all. So if you think it would be awesome to take a walk on the beach during a thunderstorm, you may want to reconsider that idea. (more…)

Packing for your Move to Florida

It’s well known that packing and unpacking are the least exciting things about a move, even a move to somewhere as fabulous as South Florida. So before you can hit the sunny beaches and smell the ocean breezes, you need a plan to pack everything you plan to move. Lucky for you, we have some excellent tips that will help you get your packing done and get you on your way! I mean who knows more about packing and moving than your South Florida mover? (more…)

How to be Prepared for Moving Day

Moving day can be full of chaos, making sure everything is ready when the mover arrives while dealing with children or pets can make the day even more stressful. Taking the time to make sure you are prepared and ready to go on the day of your move will not only reduce stress for you but also for your moving company.

The good news is you can have a moving day that is almost entirely stress-free. Knowing what to expect and what you need to prepare for your move will give you peace of mind and make sure that your move gets off to a great start. (more…)

How to Avoid the Most Popular Moving Scams

With millions of people moving every year and thousands of moving companies, you can guarantee there will be some scammers out there. Unfortunately, many people fall prey to disreputable moving businesses and end up losing money, or worse their belongings.

That is why finding a South Florida moving company that you can trust is so important. A professional moving company will provide you with upfront estimates and be there when you need them. But it is important to know who not to trust, so here are some scams you should avoid. (more…)

Four Ways You Can Reduce Moving Costs

Most people you ask will tell you that moving is expensive. And they are right, between packing materials and moving trucks you can end up paying a fair amount for your move. However, there are some ways that you can lower the cost and still have a safe and successful trip. Here are four ways you can lower the cost of your move, without compromising quality. (more…)

Five Tips to Save You Time, Money and Stress When Moving in Florida

No one likes moving, it takes up too much time and often leaves you exhausted and stressed out. So while we can’t promise your move will be a walk in the park, we can give you some tips to help you save money, time and help you reduce the overall stress of moving. (more…)

Finding a Florida Mover You Can Trust

We all know that moving can be a real pain. All the boxes, bubble wrap and tape can leave you feeling exhausted. Even finding a moving company can be a chore, with so many options online how do you know which moving company to choose? While some may offer low prices, they may also come with additional fees at the end. We have all heard the stories about moving companies that add costs to the move once they arrive, or even worse ones that hold your items hostage until you pay up. (more…)

8 Awesome Tips to Ensure Your Florida Move is Smooth

As you are planning your move to South Florida, first know you are one lucky person So, well done you!  But like all moves, getting to your new sunny location can be challenging, and we all need a little help sometimes. Here are some ideas to make the move a little easier and give you some time to enjoy your new home!

  1. Research Before You Decide on a Mover

When you arrive, you won’t want to waste time hassling with your moving company. Taking the time to find a South Florida moving company that you can trust, will ensure that your move is smooth. You won’t have to haggle with them on pricing, or end up waiting hours because they are delayed. Choosing the right moving company can give you piece of mind, and get you to the beach sooner. Which is really what is important. (more…)