Royal Palm Beach Moving and Packing Tips

Leave the rest to the experts, enjoy and relax. If you want to have an easy, quick and smooth move we Royal Palm Beach movers will gladly help you. Okay, here are our moving and packing tips for you.

Packing tips

  • Heavy and light

For heavy items, use small boxes. For lighter items, use larger boxes

  • Records and plates

If you have record and plates albums, pack them vertically on their end. Don’t pack place flat and stack them

  • Cherished items

If it is a cherished item of yours, take it with you in the car. If, however, you decide to pack them, make sure you place blankets or sheets between them to protect them

  • Lamps

Don’t forget to remove the bulbs before you pack your lamps

  • Fridge

Before you load them, make sure that you clean the inside of your refrigerator thoroughly. After you clean and dry it, using a handful of charcoal, coffee and baking soda in a sock or nylon stocking. Place them inside so the interior smells fresh

  • Plants

Be nice to your plants. If you move your plants via your car, do not let foliage rest against the windows. If, however, you do that, the leaves will scorch

Moving tips

  • Keep track of your move

Yes, you’d want to keep track of your move. Make a note of the shipment registration number. And, keep the note with you just in case you need to call the mover with questions regarding your shipment.

  • Keep your phone book

Take your phone book with you. It will make things easier for you to call your former hometown residents or businesses, in case it is needed.

  • Preparing your family

Get your kids involved

Have your kids write their names as well as the new address on the cartons from their rooms. This way, they will become familiar with their new street and town

  • Help your pet to relax

Make sure that you keep your pet calm and away from all the activity on the moving day. Arrange for a family member or a friend to watch them at their house

  • Remember the essentials

Pack all of the items that you will use immediately in one box. Ask your mover to load it last so the box will be unloaded first. Items such as snacks, coffee, flashlight, cups, towels and cleaning supplies will be needed early on.

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