North Bay Village: Moving to or from here

  • Waters is majority of the city’s area
  • Uniquely consisting of three islands
  • Good mixture of economic and ethnic groups

Used to be underwater, North Bay Village in Miami-Dade County, Florida has grown into a luxurious neighborhood of attractive single-family residences. North Bay Village is very unique as it consists of three islands situated between the cities of Miami and Miami Beach. Having width of 0.837 square miles (2.17 km2), consisting of land (0.3322 square miles/0.860 km2) and waters (0.5048 square miles/1.307 km2), the majority of the city’s area (60.31%) is waters. The John F. Kennedy (79th Street) Causeway, extending across Biscayne Bay from Miami to Miami Beach, connects three islands forming North Bay Village, namely North Bay Island, Harbor Island and Treasure Island.

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Beautiful views of Biscayne Bay and various restaurants and shops are some of North Bay Village’s appeals aside of its strategic location between Downtown Miami and Miami Beach.

North Bay Village was integrated in 1945 and during its early years, the city was a haven for winter residents. The city’s popularity with its popular restaurants and nightclubs attracted celebrities such as Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland, while Dean Martin had his night-club, Dino’s, in the late 1960s to early 1970s.

Meanwhile, the two islands – Harbor Island and Treasure Island – are not naturally formed as dredging and filling in the mid-1940s created them. As Harbor Island composed primarily of multi-family buildings, Treasure Island is a mixture of single-family residences on the west and multi-family dwellings on the east. The name of Treasure Island itself was inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel titled Treasure Island. Its streets also took names in the novel like Cutlass, Buccaneer, Hispanola, and Pirate’s Alley.

North Bay Village remains the home of South Florida’s most popular restaurants, various business enterprises, apartment buildings, condominiums as well as single-family homes. And due to land limitation, since 2000 North Bay Village has been developing high-rise luxury condominium buildings.

As of the 2000 census, the city was inhabited by 6,733 people and grew to 7,137 in 2010 as recorded by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Some people say that North Bay Village is a better choice compared to of its surrounding areas as the city is a good mixture of economic and ethnic groups. North Bay Village has an ambiance of very small town where people recognize each other and there is a strong level of community involvement.

One of added values of the city is its proximity to the beach of about 5 minutes driving or 15 minutes on the bike. Besides, it takes only 20 – 30 minutes to the downtown; the airport; South Beach; and the shopping, movies, etc along Biscayne. Besides, property taxes are lower than Miami or Miami Beach.

With the uniqueness and awesomeness, the city is one of best place to live in.

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