As you are planning your move to South Florida, first know you are one lucky person So, well done you!  But like all moves, getting to your new sunny location can be challenging, and we all need a little help sometimes. Here are some ideas to make the move a little easier and give you some time to enjoy your new home!

  1. Research Before You Decide on a Mover

When you arrive, you won’t want to waste time hassling with your moving company. Taking the time to find a South Florida moving company that you can trust, will ensure that your move is smooth. You won’t have to haggle with them on pricing, or end up waiting hours because they are delayed. Choosing the right moving company can give you piece of mind, and get you to the beach sooner. Which is really what is important.

  1. Plan the Move

A disorganized move is guaranteed to cause stress and pain. Take an inventory of your items, and know what boxes you will need upon arrival. Make sure that anything you need to use during your trip isn’t accidentally packed in a box, and tape all of the cords and remotes to any electronic items you are moving.

  1. Know Your Scheduled Pickup and Arrival Times

To make sure your that your move departs and arrives as close to the time you agreed to, be sure to put the scheduled times on your calendar. Also, set reminders to give you plenty of time to prepare for the moving companies arrival so you will be ready to go when they get there

  1. Do Not Feed the Gators

Okay, so this is not a moving tip, but if you are new to Florida, it’s a good one to know.

  1. Make Sure That your Mover Knows the Area

While we all like to find a good deal, it is worth it to find a mover that is not only professional but also one that knows where they are going. Finding the right South Florida mover that knows their way around will give you the confidence in knowing that your items will arrive on schedule, and they can also help you if you get lost.

  1. Don’t Spend Your Time Unpacking

How you pack will determine how you unpack. You don’t want to spend your first days in Florida trying to find the coffee pot. Make your move as smooth as possible by packing and labeling your items. You may even find that your South Florida moving company will help you unpack, making it easier on you. The two biggest complaints about moving have to pack and unpack all of your belongings, so check to see if your South Florida mover offers packing services and then get out on the beach.

  1. Check For Broken or Damaged Items

A good moving practice is to check your breakable items while your moving company is still on premise. This will allow you to address any broken items when they are still there to see that they were broken in transit. You will also want to take pictures of any broken items for insurance purposes.

  1. Know your Coverage for Damaged Items

In addition to checking items, you should know what the moving company covers and what you would be liable for. Some moving companies will not pay the full value of the item should it be broken or damaged in transit. Movers are required to offer coverage, although it may be the bare minimum. You can also check with your movers to see if they allow you to increase the amount of the insurance they offer to cover the full value of any items that may not arrive in one piece.

  1. Enjoy the Move

This one is a bonus tip.  Everyone knows packing and moving are stressful and exhausting. But you get to live in South Florida. You have endless days of sunshine (another tip: buy sunblock), blue skies and palm trees to look forward to. And you get the added benefit of making your friends and family jealous. So in the midst of all of the chaos and bubble wrap just remind yourself that some part of every day will feel like a vacation.