It’s well known that packing and unpacking are the least exciting things about a move, even a move to somewhere as fabulous as South Florida. So before you can hit the sunny beaches and smell the ocean breezes, you need a plan to pack everything you plan to move. Lucky for you, we have some excellent tips that will help you get your packing done and get you on your way! I mean who knows more about packing and moving than your South Florida mover?

  1. Take an Inventory of Your Items

This can be done as you pack or wrap each piece, having an inventory of your belongings is important as it allows you to know if something hasn’t arrived. You can also mark which box your items are in to make it easier to find things when you get here.

  1. Number Your Boxes

As you pack, each box give it an assigned number or room name. Then note on your inventory which items are included. Creating a system for unpacking will make it much easier when you arrive, you won’t be searching in box after box trying to find the things you need.

  1. Box by Room

Don’t put your PJs in the same box as your plates and bowls, as much as you don’t want to pack; it will be even worse if you are spending hours trying to locate items that are in the wrong box. Pack in one room at a time, and note each box with a number or name. This will keep you from a scavenger hunt trying to find your shoes.

  1. Bubble Wrap Fragile Items

Anything that could be break in transit should be wrapped in bubble wrap or at the every least paper. Moving is often a bumpy ride, so securing your items with proper packing materials will help them arrive at their destination intact, and give you peace of mind.

  1. Mark Boxes with Delicate Items

While your moving company should always work to make sure your items arrive in one piece, one of the most important things you need to do is to mark articles that should be handled with particular care. This can include both fragile items as well as items that are valuable to you.

  1. Put things you will need access to in a separate bag or box

For things that you know you will need quick access to, pack them in a separate box or bag and take them with you. You don’t want something important to be in a box in the back of your moving truck.

  1. Try space saving bags

If you have a lot of clothing investing in a space saving vacuum bag is a good idea, it keeps your clothing clean and makes it easy to pack a lot of clothing into just one or two boxes.

  1. Use A Packing Service

If you find yourself unable to pack due to work constraints, or because you just don’t want to, you can always see if your South Florida moving company offers packing services. You may have to do some minimal prep work, but if you pressed for time, this is a great option.

After you have put in your time and energy into making sure every item is packed, labeled and ready to go, make sure that you take the time to find a professional South Florida mover to ensure that all of your possessions arrive safe and on time.

There are a few things you should look for in moving company; first, is do they answer when you call, and if not do they call you back promptly. Communication is essential when you are planning your move to Florida; you should always be able to make contact with your mover.

You also want to check reviews; these can provide insight into what other customers have experienced. If there are a lot of online comments about the mover arriving late, or clients being assessed additional fees, they are probably not the right mover for you.

Lastly, they should always show up in clean attire and present themselves as professionals. A move that goes wrong can be stressful and expensive, so taking the time to call movers and find the South Florida mover that you can trust is well worth the effort.

Moving to Florida should be an exciting time for you and your family. From the beaches to the wildlife and nightlife you are moving to a place where people long to be. Finding a Florida mover that will work with you and provide you with a smooth professional move will only make it better.