Most people you ask will tell you that moving is expensive. And they are right, between packing materials and moving trucks you can end up paying a fair amount for your move. However, there are some ways that you can lower the cost and still have a safe and successful trip. Here are four ways you can lower the cost of your move, without compromising quality.

Shop Around

Not all moving companies are the same, taking time to research who the best movers are will be worth it in the end. Moving companies that provide you with a low estimate will often not tell you about added fees and costs that may end up with a final amount that is two to three times what you expected. Don’t just Google a moving company and pick the first one on the list. Read customer reviews, if there are no reviews for the company that may be a red flag. Customer feedback is usually a pretty good indicator of what kind of service you can expect from your mover.

Based on your research you should select a few companies, and then call them. Calling them lets you know how serious they are about customer service. If you call a company multiple times and only get voicemail, you may want to try another company.  You don’t want to have an issue with your move and get voicemail when you try to get support.

Calling also allows you to talk to the moving company about your move and what services they offer.  You should also be able to schedule time to meet with them to discuss prices and estimates. It is important that the company you choose has a physical location, you want a moving company that has an office you could visit if you need to. Just having a website isn’t an guarantee that they are a licensed and bonded company.

Spending Money can Save Money

Okay, so you are probably thinking “whaaat?” but it’s true. Paying a little more for a moving company that is professional and trustworthy is worth it. While it may seem better to go with the lowest estimate, it’s usually not. If a mover gives you an estimate that is too good to be true, it’s probably not and you can find yourself dealing with higher costs, or even worse you could be caught in a hostage scam and end up in a bad situation where you have to pay way more than the estimate to get your possessions back.

Paying for a moving company that you can trust, while more expensive, is a good investment to make.  Knowing there is someone there you can talk to if there is an issue, and feeling confident that your move won’t turn into a scam validates the amount you paid was worth it.

Choose a Binding Estimate

The best estimate for you is a binding estimate that guarantees that you will not pay more than the estimated amount. This protects you by removing the possibility that the moving company will try to increase the amount you pay based on the weight of your items. With a binding estimate the only thing that may change with your fee is that it may get lower, which is never a bad thing.

When you call the moving company ask them what type of estimate they provide, and if they do not offer a binding estimate that guarantees your estimated price, you may want to continue your research.



A way to keep your budget inline is to do it yourself. While many moving companies offer packing services at an additional cost, if you are really concerned about your bottom line, do as much as you can yourself. While packing materials can get pricey, there are some ways to reduce costs and still get all of your belongings on the truck.

Call local truck rental or storage businesses to see if they sell used boxes. These boxes are ones that were sold back to the facility, and they still have like new feeling, they just cost less. And as long as you keep them in good shape, you can sell them to a local truck rental or storage place near you. Which can help offset some of the moving costs.

Also use items in your house to wrap your valuables in to save on paper and bubble wrap. You can wrap you items in coats or sweaters to keep them safe, and it won’t cost you a thing. If you have artwork to transport wrap the pieces in blankets and pad them with pillows, not only will your items arrive safe and sound, you won’t have to throw out a bunch of bubble wrap or paper.

Moving can be expensive, but with the right moving company, and some DIY magic you can have a smooth move that doesn’t break the bank.