South Florida is an excellent place to live, so as you prepare to move here, there are a few things you should know if you aren’t familiar with Floridian life.

Lightning is Serious

While you are moving to the sunshine state, you need to be prepared for the weather. While we are sunny a lot of the time, when we have storms they can be scary. And lightning here is nothing to take lightly, I mean we are the lightning capital of the US after all. So if you think it would be awesome to take a walk on the beach during a thunderstorm, you may want to reconsider that idea.

One good thing is that about 20 minutes after the storm passes it will be sunny and like it never happened, and you can get back to tanning.

Nature is Everywhere

From mangrove swamps to crystal blue ocean waters, Florida is awash with some of the most beautiful places on earth. That being said, there are a lot of deadly things that live in those amazing places. So when you are off exploring the Everglades, just keep in mind that alligators and even panthers call the Everglades their home.

We also have a lot of insects that love water, so using bug spray when you are going into the more jungle-like areas is a good idea, Florida bugs tend to be bigger too, especially the bees. Also, the lizards that you will see around your house are good!  They are mostly chill, and they eat bugs, so they make pretty good roommates.

Driving Can Get Interesting

Florida is home to people from all over the world. And some of those people cannot drive. Just imagine everyone as a cabby in New York, and you should be well prepared to handle the melange of drivers that travel our roadways everyday.

Key West is Worth the Trip

Key West is one part party, one part incredible nature. You can get there by car, plane or you can catch a boat from Miami, Fort Myers, or Marco Island (which you should also visit because the beaches are made of shells!) to get you there in a few hours.

While you are there, you can visit the Hemingway house and hang out with the six-toed cats, visit a butterfly conservatory, partake in nightly sunset celebrations or take a boat to the middle of the ocean and spend the day exploring a civil war fort in the Dry Tortugas. When visiting the Dry Tortugas you will have no cell phone service, so it you want to unplug for a day, you should schedule a trip.

Our History Cannot be Beat

From the old town and Castillo in St. Augustine (the oldest settlement in North America) to the Dry Tortugas, Florida is full of incredible history. One visit to the fountain of youth and you will understand why Ponce de Leon thought it was a miracle.

Or if space travels are more your thing, a visit to Cape Canaveral is a must. You can stand in front of the systems used during the moon landing and explore the history of our space program. And you can’t miss the annual pirate festival in Tampa; it celebrates the best, and worst (I mean they were pirates) scallywags that visited our gulf shores.

A Part of Everyday is Like a Vacation

Once you find your South Florida moving company, and you are here and settled in, you will still find that a part of every day will remind you that you live in one fantastic place. From the palm trees to the sunshine and warm winters, you will find yourself feeling lucky that you live in one awesome state. I mean not everyone gets to wear flip flops 365 days a year!

Even when life can be stressful, or your job sucks, you live in Florida. People save and plan to just spend a week where you get to live. So take a moment every day to realize you are in truly terrific place!

While you are packing your bikini and flip-flops, don’t forget to take the time to find the right moving company. Moving to Florida is an exciting adventure, but you want to make sure the company that you choose to get you here is professional and trustworthy.

You want to ensure that all of your belongings arrive safe and sound and on time. As terrific as South Florida is, it’s not fun living in an empty house. Finding a South Florida mover that you can trust will make the adventure a lot more fun!