No one likes moving, it takes up too much time and often leaves you exhausted and stressed out. So while we can’t promise your move will be a walk in the park, we can give you some tips to help you save money, time and help you reduce the overall stress of moving.

Tip 1: Don’t pack everything

It is not easier to pack everything in your house and then plan to sort it out when you arrive.  The last thing you want to deal with is rummaging through items and throwing out the things you don’t need when you arrive at your new South Florida home. There are two good reasons to sort everything out before you move, the first is, you aren’t taking a bunch of stuff you don’t need and second movers often charge by the weight of your items.  So sorting your items on the front end will save time unpacking and save money on your moving costs.

Tip 2: Sell Items You Don’t Need

One way to make your move more cost effective is to sell items that you no longer need.  Items that are in good shape, but of no real use to you in your new home can be listed online and sold before you leave. This will provide you with additional funds for your move or to buy things for your new home. Items like furniture, kitchen equipment (I mean how often have you used that fondue pot from your wedding?), and even clothing and old books can be sold.  If you are feeling charitable you can also donate these items to local charities; you may not earn money, but you will feel good about doing something positive for humanity.

Tip 3: Take Inventory    

The only way to know what has arrived safely is to know what was moved. Making a simple list of all of the items, you have packed will benefit you in the long run. Make a note of the item and what you estimate the value of each item to be. This will allow you to get a fair refund should an item of value be broken in transit. Another way to save you time is to note on the inventory what box you have the item packed in; it will serve you well when you can’t find your coffee pot in the morning.

Tip 4: Schedule Your Move to Save Money

Plan your move in the middle of the month on a weekday. Moving company rates tend to be higher at the start and end of the month and on weekends. Planning to move mid-month and on a weekday may save you a few hundred dollars. Also, look for a South Florida mover with a good reputation. Research can help you save money.  Review customer comments to see if the mover changed rates, or had delays in arrival times. Knowing what the customers think of a mover can give you insight and make sure you choose a moving company that you can trust.

Tip 5: Return Unused Boxes and Look for Recycled Materials

Moving your entire house will take a lot of boxes, tape, paper and bubble wrap, which can add to the expense of moving. But there are some there ways you can save money and still have all of your belongings packed safely for your move. First, return any unused boxes.  Packing or leaving boxes behind makes no sense, return items that you do not use, extra rolls of bubble wrap or tape that are unused can be returned along with the boxes that you don’t need. You can also look at purchasing recycled or used boxes; most truck rental places will offer used boxes that are in good condition. You can also take your boxes to a rental place after you unpack at your new home, and get a little money back.

Moving isn’t something most of us look forward to; it’s stressful and time-consuming. No one likes to spend hours wrapping breakable items in bubble wrap, but taking the time to organize your move will be time well spent when you arrive and can quickly unpack your things. But don’t let all of your hard work and efforts go to waste, be sure that you find a professional South Florida mover you can trust. All of the lists and bubble wrap won’t’ matter if your belongings arrive days late, or maybe not at all.

Researching moving companies is as important as making sure your valuable items are properly packed, so take the time to find a trustworthy and professional moving company. You don’t want to spend time calling a moving company to try and find out where your stuff is when you could be out on the beach working on a South Florida tan.