Do you want to make your move organized? If so, you can read our tips here. To make your move organized, you need to…

Have a checklist

This is probably one of the most important things you can do to keep yourself organized. Start with finding a spot where you will keep boxes for two time periods. For the first period, find a spot to keep boxes as you are unpacking. Don’t rush into sealing a box unless it is completely full because you will invariably find more items for that box. And for the second period, find a spot when you are finished packing and need to store the boxes until the move. If possible, the boxes should be stored off-site. Options include borrowing space in the attic or basement of family or friends, renting a storage unit or a Pod.

Prepare an “Open First” box

Yes, label one box “Open First”. This is the box where you will put those items that you will need right away. Of course, it varies with each family and you may not need all of these items. But it is a good idea to include items like shower and personal hygiene supplies, cleaning supplies, snacks and drinks, clothes, flashlights, lanterns (battery-powered one), tools and scissors, cell phone charges, important document, receipts and phone numbers, a  to-do list for the next day and so on.

Develop a box labeling system

The labeling system will vary depending on your situation, needs and the size of your family. Here are some things that we recommend. Pick and choose the ones that match your situation and style.

  • Use large colored stickers or labels to designate what room the boxes should be placed in at your new residence. This will make the loading and unloading process go quicker for the mover. Make sure that you have a printed master key list for each color as well
  • Use large colored labels on the boxes and write the rooms on the labels. However, this might be redundant. You can also use permanent markers. Designate different colors for each room and then write the room name on each box in that specific color

So that’s it. To make your move more organized, do the steps above. And in the moving process, you don’t need to do it alone. After all, you can always hire West Miami movers to make your moving process easier, faster and more organized.

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