Are you in Surfside, Florida area and looking for Surfside movers? If so, then this article is for you. We will tell you the steps to find the best mover, namely estimation. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Show them everything

When an estimator from a moving company comes to your home, you need to show him everything you want to have moved. Yes, this includes the closets, the attic, the basement and the backyard. In case on your moving day the foreman believes that you have significantly more stuff than what was calculated in your estimate previously, he can “challenge” the original estimate. That is, before everything is on the truck.  In that situation, he neither can force you nor have to move your stuff for the original amount. And at that point, you will not have a lot of other options as well.

Also, make sure to tell the estimator about the condition of your new home. For instance, stairs, elevators or maybe a significant distance from the curb to the door. While the estimator is at your home, you should ask as much as information as possible about the company. Make sure that the company will be moving you by itself and not contracting the job out to another company.

Review the estimate

Next, review the estimate. The estimate may be a combined document. When it is signed by you and the mover representative, it serves as your order for service and bill of lading. The estimate, along with the inventory list created when your goods are loaded, are the basic documents that any mover should provide you with. Make sure that you see the words “written binding estimate” at the top of the document and also the mover’s signature with a date at the bottom.

If you want to purchase additional insurance from the mover, make sure that you understand the costs as well as the coverage. And if you are not sure about the estimate, just call and ask. If necessary, have the mover send you a revised written estimate.

Keep the estimate

Indeed. As you get the estimates, collect them in a brightly colored moving folder. This way, they will be hard to lose. Keep the folder in plain sight as later estimators come in. Doing so will show them that you are doing your homework, which will then encourage them to be honest or even better, give you a more competitive quote.

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