Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid in West Hollywood Florida

Wrong Moving Company, Unnecessary Items, and Insufficient Insurance

In our other articles, we talked about two common moving mistakes, namely not planning in advance and last minute scheduling. Yet, there are still more common moving mistakes you should avoid if you want to have a smooth move. Here they are.

Choosing the wrong moving company

Doing your research on moving companies is important. After all, choosing the wrong moving company may result in a move that is more expensive than the original quote, being overcharged for packing materials or even worse, damaged or stolen property. Keep this in mind: once all of your belongings are in the moving company’s truck, you are in a tough position to negotiate.

You may find some great deals online. Still, consider asking for a personal referral from your family or friends. You can also check with your real estate agent or your local chamber of commerce or related organization to help you find moving companies that have a solid reputation and years of experience.

Another good idea is to check out trustworthy and reputable websites that offer real customer feedback. This way, you can get an insight about what the previous customers say about their experiences with the company.

Moving with unnecessary items

Another common mistake you can easily avoid is moving with unnecessary items. Sure, randomly stuffing everything you have into boxes may seem like the simplest way of packing. But, it may cause needless expense and even stress. When you decide to not go through and unclutter your belongings, you may end up with extra weight and more boxes. Thus, you could end up overpaying your movers.

Remember, moving is a perfect opportunity to pare down your possessions. Use this opportunity to get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore, books you have already read, outdated technology and so on.

Insufficient insurance for valuables

Moving can be tough on your possessions. Even if each and every of them is carefully packed and handled by professional movers, accidents can still happen. That is why you need to get familiar with your insurance options before you move. If you do so, when things are at their most stressful during moving day, you can rest assured that if something gets damaged, you will be protected.

You should also consider calling your moving company so you can find out the details of their liability coverage.

If you are looking for West Hollywood movers, just contact us. We will gladly help you so you have a pleasant moving experience.

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