Tips for a Painless Move in Margate

We all know that decorating and arranging a new space is a really exciting prospect for any home decor enthusiast. That being said, generally, no one really wants the act of physically moving out of one home into another. While there are no shortcuts to changing spaces, there are certain things you can do to make the moving process a smooth and as painless as possible. Here are some tips for a painless move.

Save your family and friends for later

That’s right. Save your family and friends for later. Enlisting the help of family members and friends when you move may be expected. However, instead of having them do the heavy lifting, consider their help when you will really need it. Hire Margate movers to handle the boxes and the furniture on the moving day. Open a bottle of wine, play some music and have your family and friends to help with the daunting, yet fun task of unloading some of those boxes. Provided that you are a little flexible with how your kitchen drawers are organized, you will save yourself days of unpacking.

Move your most prized breakable yourself

Perhaps the biggest drawback to hiring movers, other than the cost, is the fear that your possessions will be damaged in the moving process. There are two options for you. Either move these valuables yourself or hiring professional movers that will handle them carefully. If you still afraid, you may want to go with the former.

Label every box with its contents and destination

As you pack and seal up each box, write a detailed list of its contents and its destination room. This way, the movers can deposit the boxes in the right rooms. Also, you will know exactly where to find everything.

Pack for a short trip

As you pack everything you own into boxes and/or bags, set aside a suitcase and toiletry back. Yes, pack those as if you were going away for the weekend. Your new residence may be a mess or a while but at least you will be able to shower and get dressed each day easily.

Keep your necessities handy

Pack a few separate boxes or bags with the items you will need immediately. Then, clearly mark them with “Unpack first.” You’d want to include items such as bottles of water, cleaning supplies, disposable plates and utensils, paper towels and any items you anticipate needing right away as you settle into your new home.

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