Tips for an Organized Move in Hallandale Beach

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Every year, about 1 in 5 American families make a move. This year, perhaps yours will be on the road? There is no doubt that moving can be the organizational challenge of a lifetime. How could it not? Every habit, every routine, every tiny piece of the mosaic of your life is tossed at a random into a huge, cluttered truck, to be shaken out and reassembled at the other end.

It indeed a daunting task. However, you can get organized and reducing stress when the moving truck arrives. Here are our tips for an organized move.

Make a move central and make it portable

You are likely to make a lot of calls. It is easy to lose your mind along with your train of thought because of that. This is why you need to make a move central. You need to make it portable as well.

Use a notebook that is dedicated to the move.

Regardless if you never use a planner at home or on the job, a moving notebook is much more important to a move than boxes and tape. Get one at a local office supply store. Make sure you get one with big pages, one for each day. You should throw in some business card holders, receipt envelopes, and zipper pouches as well. Use the notebook to record any moving related process before, during and after the move. Use it to make sure your move is organized. Also, always bring it with you during that duration.

Packing the essentials

You should pack the essentials last. Yes, the box that contains what you need immediately during the move. Mark the box. Make sure it is visible. Put it in the truck last so it will be first out in your new home.

About the essentials box

  • Need an insight for the content of your box? Here are some:
  • Think about your immediate needs. Hold these essentials back
  • The box should contain all the items you will need for the first day and night in your new home
  • The box should reflect your own family‚Äôs needs
  • You can add some entertainment for your children. For instance, television, DVD player, and disks
  • Remember, in moving, first shall be last and last shall be first

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