Supplies, especially boxes, are very important in a moving process. There are many places where you can get moving boxes. For instance,

Office supplies store

This is the first place you want to call or stop in. Places such as Staples and Office Max usually have those super strong boxes which packs of computer paper come in. These boxes are perfect just about anything. From pans and pots to DVDs and books. Moreover, they have a lid as well. This mean you don’t need to use tape with these boxes. Even if they don’t have any of these boxes, it is likely that they have other boxes which are strong enough for heavy items.


Books are heavy. We all know that. Another place you can get boxes are bookstores. The boxes that the books are shipped in are capable of handling whatever you pack in them. Most of the bookstores get a shipment in once or twice in a week. If you live in a major city, where the bookstore sees a lot of daily traffic, the shipments may be more frequent.


Unless you live in a very remote area, there is a good chance that you have places such as Rite Aid, CVS or Walgreen’s around the corner from you. Maybe even more than one. And yes, you can almost always find boxes at these stores. You may want to call in advance and let the store know you are coming. Doing so, they will not break the boxes down. It will save you from having to tape the boxes back together. Simply stack the small boxes into medium boxes, and medium boxes into large boxes. This way, you can fit more in your car.

Restaurants and bars

Liquor boxes are very strong. However, most of the boxes you find in these venues don’t have lids since they are delivered with a plastic-wrapped to, which makes it easy to check-in inventory. These boxes are great for clothes, toiletries, plants and other things you are taking in your car. Also, restaurants will have a produce, dry storage, and French fry boxes.

Getting boxes will require your time and effort. However, not everyone has free time or energy to do so. If you don’t have the time or energy to do this, no need to worry. There is another way. When you hire Tamarac movers, they will provide you with boxes.

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