At some point, everybody has to make the decision to move home. After you spend time to find your dream house, you will be counting the days to the move day. As the day moves closer and closer, you must start to think about everything that needs to be considered for the big day. Here are what you need to consider.

Start early

Yes, packing needs to start early. You can start packing with the non-essential items. Doing so will save you from the last minute rush. So, start saving delivery boxes and/or ask your mover for boxes. This way, you can start packing the non-essential items early.

Reassuring the kids

You should start preparing your kids as moving can be confusing for them. Your kids need to know what is happening. Talk about the new house, reassure them that all of their toys are coming too. Your kids are likely to have a lot of questions. As long as you try to answer them all before the moving day, things should run smoothly on the day. And, don’t forget to tell the schools in advance as well. Details

Don’t forget about your pets

Moving home can be confusing and stressful for your pets as well. It will be even more stressful for you, if they run around and get under your feet during the moving process.

To solve this, get someone to pet sit for you for the moving day at least. And if possible, for the first few days of the moving. If you do this, it will give you some time to get settled before you let your pet loose in their new surroundings.

Getting your essentials box prepared

On the moving day, it is useful for everyone to have an “Essentials” or “Open First” box. The box can be small, just make sure that you know where the box is at all time. Having one will make the moving process more bearable. Pack things such as a radio, mugs, kettle and teabags, which are ideal for taking short breaks in between moving from one house to the next.

Get the professionals to help

It doesn’t matter how much you try to prepare, a moving process is always will be stressful. These tips are just some things that will make the move day run smoother. If it does feel difficult, start looking at Wilton Manors movers as soon as possible.

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