11 Things to Know When Moving in North Lauderdale

The roller coaster ride of a moving process is something that most families experience at one time or another. After all, moving affects your family in many ways. If you need a helping hand for your moving process, just contact us North Lauderdale movers. And here are some ideas to help ease the pain.

#1. In the weeks before the moving day, look around your home

Yes, declutter and then donate or sell items that are unused or outgrown.

#2. Let your kids know about the move as soon as possible

This will give them more time for the big change to sink in. Gradually, they should start to feel more comfortable with the idea of moving.

#3. Research your new area for good kids’ schools

You can do this research online. You can access site such as greatschools.org, for instance, to get an insight about the schools in your new area.

#4. Notify your utilities of your move

This way, you will not need to pay for utilities that you don’t use

#5. Either cancel or reroute your newspaper and magazine subscriptions

If you have newspaper and magazine subscriptions, make sure you cancel or reroute them. Tell them that you are going to move.

#6. Reroute your mail

You can reroute your mail by filling out a change of address card at the post office or online one or two weeks before your moving day. This ensures you receive your mail after you have moved.

#7. Save your money

Keep in mind that moving can be expensive. And depending on where you are going to move, home prices are going up.

#8. Don’t pack all of your cleaning supplies

That’s correct. You will want some cleaners and rags to clean your empty, dirty home as well as your new home.

#9. Tell your kids’ teachers and school’s office

Indeed. This is very important, particularly if you are leaving during the school year. Make sure you give your kids’ teachers a heads up. Don’t forget to notify the school’s office as well.

#10. Call the new school ahead of time

Doing so will help you find out what documents that you will need for the enrollment process.

#11. Do some research about the amenities of your new place

You’d want to research the amenities that your new location has to offer. After all, this will help sweeten the deal for your kids.

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