Moving Out of Palm Beach Gardens? Don’t Forget These Things

Leaving an old community can be difficult. On top of selling your home, moving your belongings and saying goodbye to old friends, it can be hard to remember things you need to do to set up the new life waiting for you in a new location.

To make things easier, create a checklist and do the following things.


Check your new town to see if your bank has a branch nearby. If there is not one, consider switching banks. This is especially true if your bank is a regional one. If you decide to switch banks, don’t forget to grab anything in your safety deposit box.

Medical needs

If possible, have your current doctor call in prescriptions to a pharmacy in your new town. Doing so will give you time to pick out the right doctor, not just one that is available.

Also, keep your old doctor’s number so you can easily contact them in case you need paperwork forwarded to your new doctor.

If you are keeping your health insurance plan, find doctors in your new area that will accept it. In case you need to switch providers or update your plan, try doing it before you move.

Things to transfer

Resign or transfer memberships from any local organization, clubs, associations and gyms. Understand that canceling before your membership has completed may result in early termination fees. Consider it into your moving costs and then move on.

Just for safe keeping, ask the school system to make copies of all your kids’ records for you to take with you.

Check your car

Tune up your car to prevent a breakdown on the way to your new house. Do you have a trusted mechanic? If you have one, ask whether they can refer you to another mechanic near your new area.

If it is a long road trip, prepare a first-aid kit just in case. This should contain tissues, bug spray, sunburn spray, bandages and medications for the family.

Final closure

If possible, make plans to visit your old hometown within the first year after you relocate. Visit your friends, drive past your old home, through the neighborhoods and landmarks. This post-move re-connection with close friends and fond memories can help your family bring finality to the move. Yes, even after you have settled into your new home.

Need a hand for the move? If you need a hand, just contact us. We at Palm Beach Gardens movers will gladly make your move a smooth one.

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