Do’s and Don’ts in Choosing a Sunrise, FL Moving Company

Are you in Florida area and looking for Sunrise movers? If you are, here are the dos and don’ts in choosing a moving company


Do your homework

Do things like checking logo from the American Moving and Storage Association. Do some research about the company. Make sure they have a physical address. Read online reviews. Get some referrals. Use social media to get a recommendation from your friends.

Do ask a lot of question

Keep in mind that any legitimate business will care about earning your business. If they don’t want to answer your questions, be cautious. The staffs at moving companies are familiar with how things work, and, as with anyone else, can get caught using terms and jargon that you are not familiar with. Or, they might assume that you know how the process works. So, understand your rights and responsibilities. A good moving company will be happy to provide explanations and address questions. A good moving company will gladly help you.


Don’t use a broker

Yes, make sure that the company you are talking to is an actual moving company and not a broker who contracts it out to other company. Websites which advertise that they will shop for the best price for you may not be using the professional people.

Don’t buy on the price alone

Remember, you are getting an estimate. This is where a scam can happen. The moving company will convince you to buy the lowest price only to find that there are unexpected charges after the company has your possessions. In theory, each and every moving company is going to perform the same work. And, each of them has very similar rate. So, why would the charge be significantly lower or higher between these companies? The answer is this: they are not showing the price for the full scope of the work or one company provided a price for something that other companies did not. Of course, there will be different prices. However, what you should be concerned about is when one is much lower or much higher than the other.

Don’t trust a price if the moving company did not do an in home inspection

For convenience, it is okay to get a ballpark cost idea over the phone or internet. However, never sign anything or agree on a price if the moving company has not seen your house and itemized your possessions.

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