More Things You Need to Do to Get Settled After You Move to Lauderdale Lakes

Thanks to your planning and the Lauderdale Lakes movers, you have a smooth move. All of your belongings arrived safely and securely. Nothing is damaged. Nothing is stolen. The most difficult of the moving process is done. However, there are several things that you need to do to get settled after you move. Other than checking your belongings, utilities, collecting receipts and finding and registering your kids for a good school, you need to do these.

Register your vehicle

That’s correct. Do this if you have moved states, provinces or countries. Register your car, get plates for your car and get a new driver’s license and tags. You can check your local DMV for more information.

Register to vote

If you have moved cities, it is important to ensure you are on the voter’s registration for your local area. And, you should also make sure you have updated all of the important files as well as documents with your new address.

Get connected to your new neighborhood

How? Well, simply buy a subscription to the local newspaper or community magazine. Doing so will quickly get you up to date on what happening in your neighborhood.

Checking your mail

Are you getting your mail? Check with the post office and/or your old residence to ensure your mail is being forwarded and that you have registered your new address. Also, don’t forget to check to make sure you have let everyone know who needs to know about your move.

Finding new services and professionals

If you are moving to a new city or state, you will need to find new professionals, such as a new doctor, a dentist, and a vet. While this can be put off for a bit, you will be glad you know who to call when an emergency happens.

Create an emergency contact list

Yes. Take time to create an emergency contact list of all the local information you will need, just in case something happen.

Contacting insurance companies

You will need new insurance. This includes health, household, and auto. Find out if you are currently covered or whether you need to create new policies with a new company. This is very important to check, especially if you are moving to a new state or province.

Get a library card

Last but not least, get a library card. Get one for each family member. After you have it, you can consider yourself home.

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