Prepare your home before the Key Biscayne moving company comes

Moving to the new house could be burdensome if you don’t prepare it carefully. Although you already hired a local professional mover, you need to make preparation before hand. There are plenty of Key Biscayne Florida movers that will help you packing, loading, hauling, and unloading all your belongings during the process.

Indeed, Key Biscayne movers will handle everything for you but there are few things that you can do to make it smoother. Here are the things you should do to make your house ready when the movers arrive.

  • Make a decision what items that should be packed. Creating a list of items is necessary when moving to a new house. Then from the list, you make a shortlist contain any items or belongings you need the movers to pack. Explain to them if the items need special treatment. For instance, if you have valuable antiques, make sure you ask them to wrap it with the bubble wrap and handle it with care. You don’t want it to be broke because of the misunderstanding right? Moreover, tell them before hand where you want to put the items in the new place. Just make everything clear about the items and tell the professional mover beforehand.
  • Pay attention to your child or pet if you have any. Make sure you prepare your beloved ones on the moving day. During the process, they can easily get hurt. Therefore, make sure you got the help to take care of them. It could be your relative or friend, or you also can hire a sitter to provide shelter and care for them temporarily. By doing that, you avoid any stress and harm that can happen to them during the hassle moving day.

In case you have a pet, just make sure they stay away from your old house during the loading process. The employee moves very swiftly and carrying heavy items, so it’s not a good place for your pet because they can easily get injured. Then, make sure your pets’ favorite toys are also carried. Moving to a new place means they have to adapt and sometimes it caused stress. Having their favorite toys could be helpful for them.

  • Pack your personal belongings yourself. You don’t want a stranger to touch your toothbrush or favorite clothes do you? So, you need to take care your personal belongings too. You should place them in the personal bag where you have easy access when you need it.

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