Things People Forget to Do Before They Move to Bal Harbour

You already packed everything perfectly. You even got your dog’s medical records from the vet. But there is something keeping you awake at night as the moving day draws closer. You know you forgot something.

Don’t worry, though. Keep packing. Here, we assembled things that people often forget to do or don’t even realize that they should take care of. And remember, you can make your move a smooth process. How? Just call us Bal Harbour movers. Without further ado, here are the things people forget to do before they move.

Cancel recurring charges

You should take care of things such as gym membership or any other subscription services that may fall by the wayside during the chaos leading up to moving day. If you don’t, they will be recurring charges which keep mounting on your credit card. So, get a jump on canceling these, at least a month before your last expected day of use.

Call your car insurance company

The DMV advises people in the process of moving to manage their car insurance during the transition closely since states have varying levels of required coverage. This still applies even if you are staying in the same city. After all, rates can differ from one neighborhood to another. Make sure you call your insurer well before the move so you can find out the parameters as well as the deadlines for updating coverage at your new address.

Change your address early

Most people know that the U.S. Postal Service offers an online form which enables you to quickly change an address for all of your mail. That being said, it doesn’t mean that you should wait until the last minute to fill it out.

To ensure mail arrives at your new home in time, you should complete the form about two weeks before your move.

Organize your finances

Often, important financial tasks are forgotten in the chaos of moving. As losing track of bills among piles of boxes is all too easy, you can avoid this by setting up systems before your move to help the transition process from the old home to the new.

Snap pictures of your electronics

That’s right. Snap pictures of your electronics. Why? Because this will help you in the unpacking process. It will be easier for you to know which cables and cords for which electronics.

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