Avoid Losing Items during Your Move in Lantana Florida

Regardless of how much care we take when packing, something always manages to get lost. From placing a cherished item into an unfamiliar box to losing some boxes, the likelihood that something will go missing seems high. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Not anymore.

How do you pack and move without losing items? Here’s how.

Pack one room at a time

Sounds difficult? Maybe it is difficult. However, you will appreciate your diligence once you are in your new residence.

Start with putting a few empty boxes and packing materials in each room of your house. Do it from one point in the room, whichever it is, and work your way around the room until everything is packed.

Tips: stick a piece of paper to each of the boxes. Each time you put something inside the box, make a note of it on the paper. When it is time to unpack, you will know exactly what is in each box.


With all the electronics and gadgets in our lives, from TVs, music-streaming, laptops to game systems, there are many ways to lose items such as power cords that go along with them during your move.

How can you avoid it, then?

Easy. Put those cords in a bag. For each item, use a zip-lock bag and load it with the corresponding cords. Then, tape the bag directly to your electronics. Doing so, when you need to set up the electronics on the other end of your move, you will know exactly where everything is.

Master list

Make a master list of what is in all the boxes and which room each box belongs to. This way, you will have control over what is where and where it will go in your new residence.


Label it, label it, label it. We can’t overemphasize how important labeling is. On each box, mark the name of the room where it will go in your new residence. Do it on the top as well as the sides of the box. Labeling the box with “this end up” or “fragile” is also a good idea. This will make the box handled properly. Thus, reducing the likelihood your belongings will get broken.

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