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More Things You Should Do Before Moving to Oakland Park

There are things you should do before moving to a new city. If you do these things, you will be able to adapt better to your new home. What are the things you should do before moving to a new city? Here they are.

Exploring the city and learning about its neighborhoods

If you can’t visit your soon-to-be city before you move, you should learn the lay of the land from afar. Before you decide which neighborhood to live in, make sure you find out which areas are residential and commercial, which areas have the kinds of features you are interested in and whether certain neighborhood are dangerous.

If you are an outdoor person, get a sense of where the parks are located. If you are into music and nightlife, find out where those venues before you move. Just do a simple online search and it will do.

Learn about your transportation options

You need to decide whether you will be driving a car or using public transportation to get around the city. If you are planning to keep a car in the city, find out your parking and storage options are. If you will be using public transportation, get a sense of the neighborhoods that provide the best service.

If it is possible, do a little research on which bus and/or train lines that are considered as the most reliable as well as how frequent they run. This way, you will not get stuck living somewhere with a single bust that comes only once a day.

 Getting rid of unnecessary items

When we think about moving, we tend to put our focus on the place where we are going to more than the one we are leaving. Yet, there is a lot of work to do before you leave. One good way to make your move a bit easier is to get rid of the items you don’t need. Have a yard sale. Donate old clothes to charity. Sell things online. You can do these things to get rid of unnecessary items. You will be getting rid of the old in order to make room for the new. And practically, you will have less stuff that you need to carry with you when you move.

And remember, if you need a hand, just contact us Oakland Park movers. We will gladly help you make your move a smooth process.

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More Things You Need to Do to Get Settled After You Move to Lauderdale Lakes

Thanks to your planning and the Lauderdale Lakes movers, you have a smooth move. All of your belongings arrived safely and securely. Nothing is damaged. Nothing is stolen. The most difficult of the moving process is done. However, there are several things that you need to do to get settled after you move. Other than checking your belongings, utilities, collecting receipts and finding and registering your kids for a good school, you need to do these.

Register your vehicle

That’s correct. Do this if you have moved states, provinces or countries. Register your car, get plates for your car and get a new driver’s license and tags. You can check your local DMV for more information.

Register to vote

If you have moved cities, it is important to ensure you are on the voter’s registration for your local area. And, you should also make sure you have updated all of the important files as well as documents with your new address.

Get connected to your new neighborhood

How? Well, simply buy a subscription to the local newspaper or community magazine. Doing so will quickly get you up to date on what happening in your neighborhood.

Checking your mail

Are you getting your mail? Check with the post office and/or your old residence to ensure your mail is being forwarded and that you have registered your new address. Also, don’t forget to check to make sure you have let everyone know who needs to know about your move.

Finding new services and professionals

If you are moving to a new city or state, you will need to find new professionals, such as a new doctor, a dentist, and a vet. While this can be put off for a bit, you will be glad you know who to call when an emergency happens.

Create an emergency contact list

Yes. Take time to create an emergency contact list of all the local information you will need, just in case something happen.

Contacting insurance companies

You will need new insurance. This includes health, household, and auto. Find out if you are currently covered or whether you need to create new policies with a new company. This is very important to check, especially if you are moving to a new state or province.

Get a library card

Last but not least, get a library card. Get one for each family member. After you have it, you can consider yourself home.

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Movers in Hollywood Florida

Staying Organized When Unpacking Your New Home in Hollywood, FL

Need more tips on how to stay organized when unpacking your new home? Well, if that so, keep reading. Here we will give you more tips to do that. But first, we want to remind you that if you want to have a smooth, safe and quick moving process, all you need to do is contact us Hollywood movers. Okay, now, without further ado, here are our tips.

Essentials are essential

When you move, it is important to make an essential box. This is a box which contains essential items. Make sure that each family member has one. This essential box should be the first to unpack. If you do this, it will not only help you to organize your move, but it will also make your first few nights in your new home a lot easier.

You may want to mark other boxes with instructions such as “open first” for items in the kitchen that you are going to need right away. You can add visible items to mark the boxes as well, such as a ribbon. This will help when you have professional movers moving your stuff for you. A red ribbon is easy to spot, thus allowing you to quickly instruct the mover where that essential box should go.

Other essential items are beds and linens. These items should be one of the first things you put together so you will have a good night rest. If you know you will be arriving late, you may want to invest in an air bed. They can inflate quickly and easily, allowing you to get some rest with ease.

Which room should be unpacked first?

We recommend you to get the kitchen unpacked first after you assemble beds and other important furniture. The kitchen is the most complicated and one that is critical for your family life. The faster you have it organized, the less money you will need to spend on take-out food.

Next, is bedrooms. Get it completed, at least make sure that current seasonal clothes are unpacked and organized. Remember, kids will be returning to school and you, to work. It will save a lot of time and frustration if everything you need is within your reach.

Bathrooms are next, this is assuming that you have already packed some of the bathroom stuff before you finish unpack the kitchen.  Lastly, the family room and the media center.

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Movers in Weston Florida

How to Clean Your New Home Before You Move In Weston

Using Weston movers to make your move smooth is always a great idea. The next question now is, how should you clean your new home before you move in? Remember, this will be one of the first things you will probably do.

The kitchen

The kitchen is a good first place to start cleaning. Not only because it tends to be where icky sticky things collect but also because it is where you and your family will spend a lot of time. So, clean it well to make sure your family feels perfectly at home in the new place.

The walls

This tends to be a larger job. Many people will likely to leave it if they don’t do it before they start to unpack. Nonetheless, it matters. Unless the previous owners had recently painted the interior, that is. If that is the case, you don’t necessarily have to clean the walls. If it is a house which has been occupied by small children, make sure you look for fingerprints closer to the floor, around the light switches and corners. You can use liquid stick cleaners to remove some of the more stubborn stains.

Another good idea to remove sticky spots is to apply a small amount of fabric softener to a sponge. After that, rub the sponge on the area where the sticky spots are located. If you do so, whatever has stuck to the wall will disappear. And yes, this works really well for removing paper borders or wallpaper as well.

The floors

In case you are moving into a house with carpet, you’d want to consider hiring a professional cleaner to steam clean the carpet prior to moving in. If, however, that is not possible, or perhaps the previous occupants claimed that they had the carpets cleaned, then your new house will probably just need a thorough vacuum cleaning. Don’t forget to ask the previous occupants whether they had any pets. If they did, you may want to protect against possible fleas. Especially, if you have pets of your own.

For wood or faux wood floors, you can clean them by sweeping the room well. Make sure to clean areas such as under heating vents and under appliances. You can use a mild soap to clean its surface. Wood soap works really well to remove dirt and give it a polished shine. It smells good, too.

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Movers in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Having a Less Stressful Moving Experience in Fort Lauderdale

As we all know, moving can be complicated. However, there is no reason to get stressed out because of it. With just a little bit of research and planning, you can eliminate much of the stress associated with a  moving process.

Hiring a moving company

If you hire a moving company, the stress of moving can be reduced significantly. Especially, if you hire the right company. If you want to have a less stressful, smooth moving, hire Fort Lauderdale movers. Here are some tips to help you find the right moving company.

  • Talk to your friends

A good moving company will have happy customers who are eager to share their opinion. Talk to your friends, use social media to ask them whether they have had positive experiences with any moving companies.

  • Find a trusted advisor

You can talk to home improvement contractors or local real estate agents who work with movers every day. They may offer you a professional perspective.

  • Using the Yellow Pages

It is important to know that not all moving company websites represent legitimate moving companies. Use your Yellow Pages. Your local phone book may help you find established moving companies who have physical addresses and real offices.

Getting price estimates

A good moving company will comply with federal regulation which requires an in-home estimate. A moving company representative will want to visit your home in order to survey your belongings and provide an estimate of the cost. Make sure you schedule at least two visits. This way, you will have more confidence in the estimates you receive.

Be aware of estimates that are given over the phone or internet without an actual visual survey. Keep in mind that the way you describe your belongings and the way the company perceives them could differ. Thus, leading to changes in pricing. A face to face meeting will clarify these points, helping to ensure accurate pricing from the start.

During the estimate, take some time to show the company’s representative every item that you wish to have moved. It is easy to overlook items in the storage, attic or basement. The representative should be asking you probing questions so they can price accurately as well as prepare for the move adequately. Feel free to ask any questions so you are sure of the company.

Don’t forget to inquire about valuation options. This way, you will be well informed about the mover’s maximum liability.

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Movers in Sunrise Florida

Do’s and Don’ts in Choosing a Sunrise, FL Moving Company

Are you in Florida area and looking for Sunrise movers? If you are, here are the dos and don’ts in choosing a moving company


Do your homework

Do things like checking logo from the American Moving and Storage Association. Do some research about the company. Make sure they have a physical address. Read online reviews. Get some referrals. Use social media to get a recommendation from your friends.

Do ask a lot of question

Keep in mind that any legitimate business will care about earning your business. If they don’t want to answer your questions, be cautious. The staffs at moving companies are familiar with how things work, and, as with anyone else, can get caught using terms and jargon that you are not familiar with. Or, they might assume that you know how the process works. So, understand your rights and responsibilities. A good moving company will be happy to provide explanations and address questions. A good moving company will gladly help you.


Don’t use a broker

Yes, make sure that the company you are talking to is an actual moving company and not a broker who contracts it out to other company. Websites which advertise that they will shop for the best price for you may not be using the professional people.

Don’t buy on the price alone

Remember, you are getting an estimate. This is where a scam can happen. The moving company will convince you to buy the lowest price only to find that there are unexpected charges after the company has your possessions. In theory, each and every moving company is going to perform the same work. And, each of them has very similar rate. So, why would the charge be significantly lower or higher between these companies? The answer is this: they are not showing the price for the full scope of the work or one company provided a price for something that other companies did not. Of course, there will be different prices. However, what you should be concerned about is when one is much lower or much higher than the other.

Don’t trust a price if the moving company did not do an in home inspection

For convenience, it is okay to get a ballpark cost idea over the phone or internet. However, never sign anything or agree on a price if the moving company has not seen your house and itemized your possessions.

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Movers in Coral Springs Florida

Moving Mistakes to Avoid in Coral Springs

Not Planning in Advance and Last Minute Scheduling

There are many common moving mistakes you should avoid to make your move smooth. Here, we will tell about two of them, namely not planning in advance and last minute scheduling.

Not planning in advance

Moving can be a huge job. Procrastination will be your worst enemy. Even the seemingly small moves, such as packing up a studio apartment to move just across the town, can be exhausting and costly if they are not well planned. So, if possible, consider planning your move months in advance.

And remember, if you are in Coral Springs Florida, look for professional Coral Springs movers to help you. Start packing. Notify your utility companies as soon as possible. Keep a notebook, binder or download an app for moving-related information. Make sure that you keep records on them. From copies of your moving estimate to contact information for your utility companies.

Of course, there are lots of things to do but it will all be worth things to do. Plan in advance and you will have a smooth move.

Last minute scheduling

In moving, timing is the key. Favorable weather mean, often time, the summer months are the most hectic time of the year for moving companies. Yet, spring and autumn can get very busy, too. And keep in mind that moving companies may not be available if you are moving close to a holiday.

Research your options for moving companies weeks before your moving day. The last thing you want is to be stuck with an unknown moving company, high rates or worse, no moving company at all.

In case you are planning to rent or drive a moving truck, just make sure that you schedule the rent well ahead of the day you actually need it. Don’t forget to find out the exact dimensions of the cargo space of the truck. If you want, you can stop by the rental company in order to get an idea of the space you will need and whether your desired truck may be enough.

The day of the week you pick can affect your move. Why? Because higher demand means moving companies may charge more dollar for weekend truck rentals as well as move. You’d want to consider the time of the day you are moving as well. So, avoid last minute scheduling. That way, you will be able to move smoothly.

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Movers in West Hollywood Florida

Common Moving Mistakes to Avoid in West Hollywood Florida

Wrong Moving Company, Unnecessary Items, and Insufficient Insurance

In our other articles, we talked about two common moving mistakes, namely not planning in advance and last minute scheduling. Yet, there are still more common moving mistakes you should avoid if you want to have a smooth move. Here they are.

Choosing the wrong moving company

Doing your research on moving companies is important. After all, choosing the wrong moving company may result in a move that is more expensive than the original quote, being overcharged for packing materials or even worse, damaged or stolen property. Keep this in mind: once all of your belongings are in the moving company’s truck, you are in a tough position to negotiate.

You may find some great deals online. Still, consider asking for a personal referral from your family or friends. You can also check with your real estate agent or your local chamber of commerce or related organization to help you find moving companies that have a solid reputation and years of experience.

Another good idea is to check out trustworthy and reputable websites that offer real customer feedback. This way, you can get an insight about what the previous customers say about their experiences with the company.

Moving with unnecessary items

Another common mistake you can easily avoid is moving with unnecessary items. Sure, randomly stuffing everything you have into boxes may seem like the simplest way of packing. But, it may cause needless expense and even stress. When you decide to not go through and unclutter your belongings, you may end up with extra weight and more boxes. Thus, you could end up overpaying your movers.

Remember, moving is a perfect opportunity to pare down your possessions. Use this opportunity to get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore, books you have already read, outdated technology and so on.

Insufficient insurance for valuables

Moving can be tough on your possessions. Even if each and every of them is carefully packed and handled by professional movers, accidents can still happen. That is why you need to get familiar with your insurance options before you move. If you do so, when things are at their most stressful during moving day, you can rest assured that if something gets damaged, you will be protected.

You should also consider calling your moving company so you can find out the details of their liability coverage.

If you are looking for West Hollywood movers, just contact us. We will gladly help you so you have a pleasant moving experience.

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Movers in Parkland Florida

Before Moving to Parkland, Ask Yourself These Questions

Can I afford it?

This may sound obvious. However, it is important. You can’t budget enough when you are thinking about jumping ship to a new city. Keep this in mind: last minute expenses will always come up. While we all hope for that silver lining to appear at the right moment when we need it, the less you count on that lucky break by covering your grounds monetarily, the smoother your transition will be.

Our tip: whatever you have budgeted for your move, double it. If you still be able to afford it, you are in good shape.

Do I know anyone that lives where I’m moving?

We do realize that it is hard moving to a new place. It is even harder if you don’t have any network in where you are going to move. Don’t worry, it is not impossible. But the more connections you have, the faster you can get yourself acclimated to your new place.

What are the good/bad neighborhoods?

Use and take advantage of the technology we have now. Use it to do some research. See what kinds of areas you may be interested in moving into. Call the people you know, if you know anyone. Ask around. If you don’t know anyone and you are braving it on your own, try to call a realtor agency. There are many of companies specifically designed to help people relocate. They will tell you all the things you will want to know about the area you are looking into. Use all the resources that are available to you. It will certainly make things a lot easier.

What is the cost of living there?

Cost of living varies widely from state to state. Never underestimate this fact. Here, you need to be as extensive as you can be. Find out through locals how much groceries are, how much the average rent or mortgages, how much the property expenses and taxes. The better idea you get before arriving, the more prepared you can be.

Which moving company should I use?

Of course, you can do it yourself. However, it can be daunting, not to mention stressful as well. No need to worry, though. You can always hire moving company to help you move. If you are looking for reliable, trustworthy Parkland movers, just contact us. We will provide you excellent services, we handle your belongings with care and we will help you make your moving process a smooth one.

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Movers in North Lauderdale Florida

11 Things to Know When Moving in North Lauderdale

The roller coaster ride of a moving process is something that most families experience at one time or another. After all, moving affects your family in many ways. If you need a helping hand for your moving process, just contact us North Lauderdale movers. And here are some ideas to help ease the pain.

#1. In the weeks before the moving day, look around your home

Yes, declutter and then donate or sell items that are unused or outgrown.

#2. Let your kids know about the move as soon as possible

This will give them more time for the big change to sink in. Gradually, they should start to feel more comfortable with the idea of moving.

#3. Research your new area for good kids’ schools

You can do this research online. You can access site such as, for instance, to get an insight about the schools in your new area.

#4. Notify your utilities of your move

This way, you will not need to pay for utilities that you don’t use

#5. Either cancel or reroute your newspaper and magazine subscriptions

If you have newspaper and magazine subscriptions, make sure you cancel or reroute them. Tell them that you are going to move.

#6. Reroute your mail

You can reroute your mail by filling out a change of address card at the post office or online one or two weeks before your moving day. This ensures you receive your mail after you have moved.

#7. Save your money

Keep in mind that moving can be expensive. And depending on where you are going to move, home prices are going up.

#8. Don’t pack all of your cleaning supplies

That’s correct. You will want some cleaners and rags to clean your empty, dirty home as well as your new home.

#9. Tell your kids’ teachers and school’s office

Indeed. This is very important, particularly if you are leaving during the school year. Make sure you give your kids’ teachers a heads up. Don’t forget to notify the school’s office as well.

#10. Call the new school ahead of time

Doing so will help you find out what documents that you will need for the enrollment process.

#11. Do some research about the amenities of your new place

You’d want to research the amenities that your new location has to offer. After all, this will help sweeten the deal for your kids.

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